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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some things to look for when choosing an Airbnb vacation rental by owner?

Look for the Airbnb Service Fee under Pay-out. The majority of guests pay a service fee that is less than 14.2 percent of the total booking price. The cost fluctuates depending on a variety of booking parameters and is displayed to guests before they make a reservation, including during checkout.

How do I find an Airbnb vacation rental by owner?

You can literally find them in any city of your choosing. There is an entire database of listings of vacation rentals that have been uploaded by private owners.

What is the best website for finding vacation rentals by owner?

With over 2 million bookable vacation rentals, Vrbo connects homeowners with families and vacationers looking for something more than a hotel for their trip. The Vrbo community offers families an array of rental property types such as condos, cabins, lake rentals, beach houses, and more.

What are the benefits of staying at a vacation rental by owner?

Renting a place for vacationing has become quite popular lately as people realize the benefits of having a place entirely at their disposal compared to checking in to a hotel. It can prove to be cheaper especially if you are travelling with a big group of people and you have the freedom to follow your own routine.

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