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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy airport home appliances?

But now we have our very own Airport Home Appliance right here in town. Sure, you can go to Home Depot or the other two or three "appliance" stores in town but what you quickly realize is they have next to no inventory, their prices are really high and delivery is months away if at all.

Can airport home appliance & mattress cancel a sale?

Airport Home Appliance & Mattress reserves the right to cancel a sale with a full refund if it is obvious an item has been advertised at a price significantly below market value or below any UMRP price due to a typographical error. If you have any questions or think you notice an error, please call (866) 304-4449 or email us.

Does airport appliance get zero for customer support?

AIRPORT APPLIANCE GETS A ZERO FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Bought new dishwasher 11/26/2017 from Airport Appliance Hayward. Dishwasher was DOA, washer pump does not work. 1 week of daily phone calls leaving multiple messages without a single response, often times no one even answers the phone.

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