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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Allan Gore help candy Montgomery?

Allan Gore helped Candy Montgomery during her trial, informing the court that the pair mutually ended the affair. It discredited the prosecution’s theory that Betty’s murder was a crime of passion. Three months after Candy’s acquittal, Allan married Elaine Clift and relocated to Sachse, Texas.

What happened between Betty and candy Gore?

In 1980, Candy and Betty argued at the Gores’ home in Wylie, Texas, after Candy came by with a swimsuit for the couple’s daughter, Alisa. According to Candy’s testimony, Betty asked her about the affair with Allan, and she admitted that it happened and that they had decided to end it.

Who is Candy Wheeler's husband Pat Montgomery?

She and her husband, Pat Montgomery, uprooted their family to Georgia and stayed together for years after her affair. According to The Daily Mail, Candy eventually started going by her maiden name, Candace Wheeler, and now works as a therapist for teens and young adults.

Where is Allan Gore now?

According to Allan Gore's Facebook page, he is currently retired and living in Sarasota, Florida. He has been in a domestic partnership since 2016. Six-year-old Alisa "Lisa" Gore Harder had been having a sleepover at the Montgomery household when her mother was murdered by Candy Montgomery on that June 1980 day.

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