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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Andie MacDowell feel like she's losing her beauty?

The Maid star said she doesn't feel like she's losing her beauty, and instead is just evolving. "We get older and we are beautiful," she said. In a world filled with anti-aging products and hair dye, Andie MacDowell is choosing to embrace her natural beauty and redefine aging for women.

Is MacDowell's glowy complexion a result of a beauty hack?

It’s a common myth that a glowy, clear complexion is only achieved by a myriad of skin care products. While this may very be true, MacDowell’s gorgeous skin is actually a result of a genius beauty hack. “To achieve a barely there complexion, I love diluting foundation,” Sollitto reveals to TZR.

Will Andie MacDowell have a career past her 40s?

ANDIE MacDowell has shut down those who doubted she would still have a career past her 40s in her most revealing role yet. “WHEN I turned 40, people kept asking me what it felt like to get older and know I wasn’t going to work any longer,” says Andie MacDowell.

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