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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual machine (VM)?

What is a virtual machine (VM)? A virtual machine (VM) is a virtual environment that functions as a virtual computer system with its own CPU, memory, network interface, and storage, created on a physical hardware system (located off- or on-premises). Software called a hypervisor separates the machine’s resources from the hardware ...

What is the history of virtual machines?

Both system virtual machines and process virtual machines date to the 1960s and continue to be areas of active development. System virtual machines grew out of time-sharing, as notably implemented in the Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS).

What is VMware and how does it work?

The software allows for virtual machine open standards, providing the ability to create and run VMs from competing vendors within the VMware product. Its advanced networking features let you set up and administer elaborate virtual networks for VMs.

Is VMware Workstation the best choice for virtual machine applications?

With almost 20 years on the market, VMware Workstation is often looked upon as the industry standard when it comes to virtual machine applications—with its robust set of functions covering a wide breadth of virtualization needs.

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