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Frequently Asked Questions

What is brilliant directories?

Brilliant Directories is a truly hassle-free, one stop shop platform. The free demo was a perfect way to test my idea before spending a dollar. If you're tired of half-baked scripts then Brilliant Directories is for you.

How do I contact brilliant directories about my website?

We're always happy to chat about your goals and explain what comes with your Brilliant Directories website. Contact us or call to speak with a website specialist now: 1 (800) 771-9332.

How much money can I make with brilliant directories?

I launched my Brilliant Directories website two months ago and I already have more than 620 registered members and am making over $2,000 every month. Here's a quick video I made explaining how I leverage Facebook to drive traffic to my membership site.

Do I need to code to use brilliant directories?

No. There is no coding required. If you know how to send emails, then you can run a successful directory with the Brilliant Directories platform. In case you do know HTML and CSS coding, there are options to customize pages as you see fit. Does Brilliant Directories own the data I put on my site?

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