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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candy Montgomery a true story?

Starring Biel alongside Melanie Lynskey and Pablo Schreiber, the show tells the true story of Candy Montgomery, a Texan housewife who shockingly murdered her best friend Betty Gore with an ax back in the summer of 1980.

Who is Candace Montgomery?

The show will tell the real-life story of Candace "Candy" Montgomery, a small-town Texas mom who murdered her best friend with an axe on a hot June day in 1980.

Is Candy Montgomery still married?

Despite learning about Candy’s infidelity, Pat stuck by Candy throughout the trial, but the marriage ended four years after their move to Georgia. After the divorce, Candy dropped the name Montgomery and readopted her maiden name: Wheeler. Reports claim that Candy still lives in Georgia and is a family therapist alongside her daughter, Jenny.

Why did candy Montgomery kill Betty Gore?

If you’ve seen the first few episodes of Candy on Hulu, you may be wondering: Why did Candy Montgomery kill Betty Gore and was her motive to murder her best friend? It was more than her affair with Betty’s husband.

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