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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candy Montgomery a true story?

Crowns Its First Professors Tournament Champion HBO Max has released the first images of Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery in Love & Death, a limited series about the true story of Texas housewife Candy Montgomery’s murder of Betty Gore in 1980. See the images above and below.

Who is Candy Montgomery's husband Pat Montgomery?

Candy married Pat Montgomery, an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments, in the early '70s. Despite the fact that their family was wealthy and Candy enjoyed being a housewife, she found herself incredibly bored at home.

What happened to Betty Montgomery?

But Montgomery was also sleeping with Gore’s husband and would stand trial for Gore’s murder. She pleaded not guilty by way of self-defense and claimed that Betty found out about the affair, confronted her when she came by and picked up an ax in a fit of rage. Montgomery got control of the ax during the struggle and hit Betty over the head.

What happened to Candy in the Lovely Bones?

Candy's story about the day's events gave the police no reason to believe she was the true killer until Allan eventually admitted that he had ended an affair with Candy several months earlier, giving her a motive to commit murder. Candy was charged with murder and soon released on bail.

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