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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Candy Montgomery and where is she now?

What Happened to Candy Montgomery and Where Is She Now? Candy Montgomery was responsible for the 1980 killing of Betty Gore, which took place on Friday, June 13. Montgomery killed Gore after striking her 41 times with an ax, 40 of the blows were made while the victim's heart was still beating.

Who is Candace Montgomery?

The show will tell the real-life story of Candace "Candy" Montgomery, a small-town Texas mom who murdered her best friend with an axe on a hot June day in 1980.

Is Candy Montgomery based on a true story?

Candy, an '80s housewife who was accused of killing her friend and lover's wife with a three-foot ax, is based on true events that rocked the nation in 1980. Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore first met during church service at The Methodist Church of Lucas in Wylie, TX. Both housewives, their families became close.

How did candy Montgomery Meet Betty?

Well-liked in her Texan circle, she went to church regularly and was known as a doting wife to Pat Montgomery and mother to two children. But Candy harbored some secrets of her own. It was at church where she met her victim, Betty, and Betty's husband, Allan Gore.

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