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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Candy Montgomery after her divorce?

After the divorce, Candy dropped the name Montgomery and readopted her maiden name: Wheeler. Reports claim that Candy still lives in Georgia and is a family therapist alongside her daughter, Jenny. Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery in Hulu’s Candy .

When does Candy Montgomery's 'candy' premiere on Hulu?

Today, the teaser of the limited series Candy was released which will air on May 9 on Hulu. Candy Montgomery’s case is set to be explored on a limited series ‘Candy’. Also known as an ax murderer, Candy is a person who killed her friend Betty Gore after the victim found her husband has been cheating her with Candy.

Is candy still in the limelight?

Since then, although the now-70-year-old has preferred to stay away from the limelight in an attempt to move on from the past, it does appear as if Candy still resides in the southern state.

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