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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Candy Montgomery's husband Pat Montgomery?

Following her highly publicized trial and acquittal, Candy Montgomery left Texas and settled in Georgia with her husband, Pat Montgomery. Despite learning about Candy’s infidelity, Pat stuck by Candy throughout the trial, but the marriage ended four years after their move to Georgia.

What happened to Candy Montgomery?

Yet Candy Montgomery walked free and went on to lead a normal life after the brutal killing. Over the years, Candy’s story has been retold in the media in the form of multiple true crime books and television shows. However, unlike the media, she appears to have put the whole thing behind her and moved on.

How many times did candy Montgomery hit Betty?

While it’s irrefutable that Candy Montgomery struck Betty a total of 41 times with a 3-foot-long ax inside the latter’s own home, she has always insisted she did so in self-defense and nothing more.

What happened to candy and Pat in Collin County?

However, per UPI , Candy ‘fought back tears as she and her husband Pat were whisked out of the Collin County courthouse under heavy guard after [District Judge Tom Ryan] received a letter threatening her life.’ Read Next: Betty Gore’s story — The brutal ax killing that rattled the quaint town of Wylie, Texas

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