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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Candy Montgomery's husband Pat Montgomery?

Following her highly publicized trial and acquittal, Candy Montgomery left Texas and settled in Georgia with her husband, Pat Montgomery. Despite learning about Candy’s infidelity, Pat stuck by Candy throughout the trial, but the marriage ended four years after their move to Georgia.

What happened to Candy Montgomery?

The Montgomerys relocated from Texas to Georgia after the charges were dropped and this is where Candy resides today. Candy eventually got a divorce from Pat, and she now goes by her maiden name Candace Wheeler. Additionally, Candy now works periodically as a mental health therapist for teens and adults suffering from depression.

What happened to Candy Wheeler's husband?

After the murder trial, Candy and her husband Pat Montgomery (played by Veep actor Timothy Simons in the series) also moved away from Wylie, Texas, to Georgia. However, the couple later divorced, with Candy adopting her maiden name Candace Wheeler. Pat also made a name switch, reportedly now going by James.

Did candy have an affair with her husband?

But while there, Betty confronted Candy about having an affair with her husband, Allan. Though Candy was married with two kids of her own, she became involved with Allan on December 12, 1978, per Parade. It went on for several months before he called it off. Candy didn’t deny the affair and Betty reportedly brought out an ax.

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