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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Los Caracoles in Barcelona?

They are in Barcelona quite often for business and Los Caracoles is one of their favorite restaurants. Dined with my husband's cousins who were in town from Lisbon, Portugal to see us. Los Caracoles - means snails in Spanish.

What to eat in Los Caracoles?

Having been around since 1835, Los Caracoles has a rustic Spanish vibe with lots of original wood, mosaic tiles, and mementos of well-known visitors to Los Caracoles dating back many years. As lovers of all things seafood, we were happy to see plenty of seafood on the menu. To start, we had the "Los Caracoles" fish soup and sautéed vegetables.

What do Caracoles taste like?

In my opinion, caracoles taste very similar to sea mussels or clams. In other words, snails taste only a little bit less salty and a bit more mushroomy than mussels or clams but otherwise pretty much the same. Thus, if you like mussels and clams, then you are going to appreciate snails as well.

What is the difference between Caracoles and Cabrillas?

Caracoles ( Helix pomatia, escargot) are small snails, and cabrillas ( Otala punctata) are large snails. Traditionally caracoles in Spain are cooked in a broth with garlic, black pepper, cumin and bay leaves.

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