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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a computed property with Vue's composition API?

To create a computed property with the Vue's Composition API, you should call Vue's computed () function. For example, the following code demonstrates how to create a computed property that transforms a string value to lowercase. Below is a live example. Notice that Vue automatically updates the value of lowercase whenever name changes.

How to recalculate computed properties in vuejs?

Since computed properties in VueJS are cached, there is no need for calculating unless there is a change in the items array. Vue 3 computed properties are reactive. Basically, the dependencies are reactive. So the execution of the below function will lead to a recalculation of the computed properties.

What is the difference between Vue 2 and Vue 3?

Before Composition API was introduced, Vue 2 was using Options API. While developers can still use Options API in Vue 3, the problem with it is that one single topic would be fragmented across different options such as data () or props, certain methods, some lifecycle hooks ( mounted (), created (), and more), and watchers ( watch ).

Should I use options API in Vue 2?

You can still use Options API; but for larger codebases, it’s best to use Composition APIs for all it’s advantages. For smaller projects or if your projects uses dependencies that use Vue 2 (e.g. Nuxt, Vuetify, etc), you can use Options API.

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