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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vue composition API?

Vue Composition API is function-based APIs that provides flexibility, improves code readability, and helps to maintain component logic. The main reason for introducing Vue Composition API was to address the limitations of Options API as the component gets larger. Here are some of the limitations associated with Options API-

What do Vuex notes look like?

Actually, they look exactly the same as the Vuex module ones. Notes are the computed value now which is delivered from Composition API and it’s an equivalent of well known computed from Vue Options API. Done. We got rid of all the Vuex module complexity — no mutations, no actions, no getters.

Is it possible to use composables in Vuex 3?

You can use composables in 2.7, not for Vuex 3 because it doesn't support composition specifically. You can still access it from ctx.root.$store or getCurrentInstance () in setup getCurrentInstance is already deprecated:…

How to synchronize your custom store with Vuex?

If you are not in a greenfield project and need to synchronize your custom store with Vuex, you need to write a synchronization plugin, that changes your reactive objects on every store mutation and commits new values to the store on every value change, using the watch function from the composition API.

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