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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is 'Days of Our Lives' doing a time jump?

The Days of our Lives time jump coincides with the show's 54th anniversary. To celebrate the big event in style, the creators decided to venture into a new territory, experimenting with a narrative tool unheard-of for soap operas and jumping ahead in time with an entire year.

Will Bo die on Days of Our Lives?

Peter Reckell has left "Days of our Lives" as his character Bo Brady died in Hope's (Kristian Alfonso) arms in the November 20 episode. The actor's last airdate is December 2, 2015.

Can I watch Days of Our Lives on Hulu Plus?

Unfortunately for Netflix and Hulu users, Days of Our Lives is not on either of these services. Netflix does not have any of the four current and major daytime soaps, and Hulu only has General Hospital. However, for those who have a Hulu account that comes with live TV, there is an option to record shows as they air.

Who is Claire in Days of Our Lives?

Claire Brady is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, portrayed by Olivia Rose Keegan since 2015.

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