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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sayori in Doki Doki literature club?

For her appearance in Plus, go here. Sayori (サヨリ) is one of the five main characters of Doki Doki Literature Club!, one of the five members and the Vice President of the Literature Club, and the protagonist 's childhood friend.

What color is Sayori's dress?

When outside the school, Sayori wears a pink shirt with rolled-up long sleeves and blue shorts. At the time of her death, she is seen wearing a brown collared white dress shirt, which has a pocket on each side of her chest, with brown folds and six black buttons, the top one being unbuttoned, and slim-fitting red shorts.

How does the protagonist feel about Sayori?

Sayori is also introduced as the protagonist's best friend. The protagonist seems to view her as airheaded and slightly annoying at the beginning of the game, but he starts to sympathize with her after Sayori confesses about her depression.

What happens if you delete Sayori in Club Penguin?

If Sayori is deleted during Act 1, the black and white screen with her hanging herself will also appear immediately if the player reopens the game. In Act 4, Sayori is programmed to be the president of the club. However, as president, Sayori starts to exhibit self-awareness as Monika did and begins breaking the game.

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