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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Dell Support Assist?

Dell SupportAssist download Windows 11/10 via the Dell Support page: Once you visit this page, the process of identifying your system starts. Then, click the button of Download & Install SupportAssist. Then, click Download to get an exe file.

How do I get Dell SupportAssist for my PC?

Dell Support Assist can help you troubleshoot issues with your laptop. You can use the tool to update drivers and the system BIOS. Download and Install Dell SupportAssist In the search box near the Windows menu, begin typing SupportAssist.

What does Dell SupportAssist do?

SupportAssist, previously called My Dell, provides system updates, detects issues and sends you alerts based on your device, which makes solving and preventing problems easier than ever. This application gives you access to everything you need to take the guesswork out of maintaining PCs and tablets.

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