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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dell SupportAssist?

SupportAssist was created by Dell to be your single source for PC help. This technology is like having your own Dell expert inside your PC, here to help whenever you need it. You can check hardware and software health and receive update recommendations as well as request help, find warranty details and keep drivers up-to-date.

How do I fix Dell's SupportAssist vulnerability?

And fixing should be as easy as uninstalling the app, or updating to SupportAssist v or later. You can find the installer at Dell’s support page for the vulnerability, right here.

Does Dell SupportAssist work on my Dell OptiPlex 960?

The Microsoft Store app "Dell SupportAssist for PCs" does not function properly on my Dell Optiplex 960 with 32 bit Windows 10 Pro (latest OS version and updates installed). It installs (version and it is announced that it can be launched but then only momentarily a blue window with the SupportAssist wrench symbol is shown.

Do I need to install SupportAssist?

Have not needed to install supportassist. +1 on Command Update. I just refreshed 40 OptiPlex 390's and Support Assist would install but not function right. Command Update replaces BIOS/Firmware and drivers to current and suddenly Support Assist worked again. If you just need drivers, installed Dell Command Update.

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