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Frequently Asked Questions

Is doubt a good thing?

But doubt can be a good thing. Actually in an existential sense it is highly correlated with intelligence since doubt simply means that you are aware of alternatives, and that making one choice means the exclusion of all of them. And the line between confidence and bullheadedness is razor thin.

What causes us to doubt?

Common causes of self-doubt. Being criticised by a parent or teacher when young and not feeling good enough. Not being acknowledged and made to feel special for who we are. Not being heard or given enough time and attention in our busy world.

What is the origin of the word doubt?

Word Origin and History for doubt. v. early 13c., "to dread, fear," from Old French doter "doubt, be doubtful; be afraid," from Latin dubitare "to doubt, question, hesitate, waver in opinion" (related to dubius "uncertain;" see dubious), originally "to have to choose between two things.".

What is the definition of doubt?

Doubt can be a noun or a verb. 1. 'doubt' used as a noun. If you have a doubt or doubts about something, you feel uncertain about it and you don't know if it is true or possible. I had moments of doubt. The report raises doubts about current methods.

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