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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view the Draconid meteor shower?

To best see the Draconids meteor shower, go to the darkest possible location, lean back and relax. You don't need any equipment like telescopes or binoculars; the secret is to take in as much sky as possible and allow about 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

When will the Draconids meteor shower peak in 2023?

What causes the Draconid meteor shower? The Draconid meteor shower 2023 will be active between Oct. 6 and Oct. 10 and will peak around Oct. 8 and Oct. 9. Viewing conditions for the Draconids are favorable this year as the moon will only be 19% illuminated.

What is the second meteor shower in October?

The Draconid meteor shower, also sometimes known as the Giacobinids, is one of the two meteor showers to annually grace the skies in the month of October. The Orionids is the second meteor shower in October. It usually peaks around October 21.

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