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Frequently Asked Questions

When does a GTC order expire?

Note: A GTC order will expire on the last trading day of the quarter following the quarter in which it was placed. For example, when you create a GTC order in January, if its target price is not reached by the last trading day of the following June, it will be cancelled by the system.

How long are GTC orders good for at Charles Schwab?

Good-until-cancelled (GTC) orders are good for 60 calendar days at Schwab. Like day-only orders, GTC orders apply only to the regular 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET trading session. Fill-or-kill (FOK) orders require that the order be immediately filled in its entirety. If this is not possible, the entire order is cancelled.

How long does it take for GTC to cancel?

Most GTC orders are set to cancel between 60-90 days. During that time, it is still possible for your order to not be worth it anymore for a number of reasons. In that case, it is important to cancel your order immediately.

What is the difference between GTC and GTC + ext order?

GTC order stands for Good Till Cancelled order. This means that the order will be active until you cancel it. GTC + Ext means that the order will be active during both regular market hours and extended hours until you cancel it.

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