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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is cefla medical equipment?

Local reach and global medical expertise. Cefla Medical Equipment is a manufacturer of clinical devices, providing the best solutions in medical grade 2D/3D radiology, dental equipment, and accessories. Cefla Medical Equipment is Europe’s leading producer of dental equipment and the pioneer of cone beam CT technology for the dental industry.

What is cefla finishing?

Cefla Finishing makes life easier, more convenient and more enjoyable for millions of people by supplying multiple industries with tailor-made coating and finishing technologies that improve the aesthetics and performance of a wide range of products.

What is medical extranet?

Medical Extranet is a private network controlled by Cefla s.c. that allows a group of selected external (dealers for the following products brands: Anthos, Stern Weber, Castellini, MyRay, Victor, OEM, NewTom and Mocom) and internal users to access to the company’s technical documentation over the web.

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