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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Delta Airlines employees access the extranet page?

To receive access to the Extranet as a Delta employee, contact the human resources office for a PIN code. This number allows employees to register for access to the Extranet. Users of other systems such as TravelNet may use those credentials to log onto the Extranet.

What type of credentials are required to log in to the Delta Airlines extranet page?

For Delta Airlines employees to access Deltanet, a Delta Passport ID must be known to recover their password. You must first set up an account if you are not already an authorized Deltanet user. Go to to access the Delta Employee Portal. Type those login credentials into the appropriate fields on that page.

What information can be accessed through DeltaNet Extranet?

DeltaNet Extranet is a portal for Delta Air Lines’ employees, retirees and authorized users; information pertinent to their jobs and business relations with the company is available in the online portal. Only select content can be viewed when accessed remotely, according to Delta Air Lines.

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