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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Spartan Chemical Company?

In order to deliver a quality glass, every time, sanitation is key. At Spartan Chemical Company, we do much more than just make cleaning products. We proactively provide services, chemicals, and system solutions in a cost effective manner - it’s that simple.

What is the point of Spartan Races?

Spartan races do more than test you physically and mentally. They reveal your true, unbreakable potential one epic obstacle at a time. Finishing your first race is a true adventure that anyone can do, and everyone should try. 3 Races. 1 Pass.

How much grotan do I put in my sump?

Grotan® is a tank side biocide to control bacterial growth. The application is determined by size of sump. Recommended 10 oz per 50 gallons of mixed fluid. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Are You Ready for the 2022 Spartan triathlon?

ARE YOU READY? 12 Trifecta Weekends, 13 new venues, epic island championships and a fresh drop of finisher tees, 2022 doesn’t stand a chance. Spartan races do more than test you physically and mentally.

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