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Frequently Asked Questions

What is grotan®?

With the grotan® product line, schülke offers the metalworking industry a complete range of tailor-made biocides for all possible applications; such as preservation of metalworking fluid concentrates, post treatment of water mixed metalworking fluids and micro- biocidal system cleaners. Personal Care

Why is grotan used in metal processing fluid?

This contamination can diminish fluid performance and system efficiency, which can increase costs, decrease tool life, reduce productivity and cause machine shut-down. The use of Grotan, a proven high quality preservative to control biodeterioration, will help maintain product functionality and increase the life of the metal processing fluid.

What is the difference between laurylamine dipropylene diamine and grotan® BA 21?

Requiring a halogen free preservation system grotan® BA 21 is recommended. grotan® BA 21 ex- hibits the sophisticated synergistic effect of Benzi- sothiazolinone, whereas Laurylamine Dipropylene- diamine provides reliable preservation. It is partic- ularly effective, because wipes are normally formu- lated free of anionic surfactants.

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