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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Harvard revoke admissions for 10 incoming students over explicit memes?

Harvard University revoked admissions for at least 10 incoming students after the school discovered the individuals were posting explicit and obscene memes. Rowers paddle along the Charles River past the Harvard College campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts on March 7, 2017.

Why did 10 Harvard freshmen get their places rescinded?

Ten incoming Harvard freshmen had their places rescinded by the university for sharing stomach-churning memes. The memes were posted in a Facebook group message called “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens” and “General Fuckups”. The story was first reported by the Crimson.

What is a 'lighthearted' meme group?

The online group was originally meant to share memes on popular culture, and started off as “lighthearted” but then a few members began getting inappropriate, an incoming student who was a part of the larger group told the Harvard Crimson.

Does Harvard have a code of ethics against hate speech?

“These students have no right or entitlement to admission to Harvard, and as such it is Harvard’s prerogative to decide that it will not welcome into its community these individuals who have demonstrated a willingness to violate Harvard’s code of ethics and policies against hate speech,” she said.

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