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Frequently Asked Questions

How to save Zinnia seeds from a flower?

How to Save Zinnia Seeds Let your favorite {the nicest and prettiest flowers} dry on the plant. ... Remove the seeds from the flowers. The seeds are located inside the flower pod and are shaped like an arrow. ... Store the seeds in an envelope or glass jar. The experts recommend storing seeds in a labeled envelope. ... Plant in the spring & enjoy with your kids. ...

Do Zinnias reseed themselves each year?

Zinnias will reseed themselves, but if you'd like to save the seeds to use next year, simply leave some flowers on the stalk until they appear dry and brown. Cut off the flowers and flake out the seeds into a bag. Generally, the seeds are attached to the base of the petals in zinnias.

When do I plant Zinnia seeds?

Zinnias require rich and well-drained soil, at least half a day of sun and regular water. They will bloom from midsummer to the first frost, and should be planted or transplanted after the last frost date in the spring. The seeds will be more likely to sprout in warm soil.

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