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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Iran become a world power?

An Iranian rebellion established the Parthian Empire in the third century BC, which was succeeded in the third century AD by the Sassanid Empire, a major world power for the next four centuries. [21] [22] Arab Muslims conquered the empire in the seventh century AD, which led to the Islamization of Iran.

What are the facts about Iran?

Iran is a unitary Islamic republic with one legislative house. The country’s 1979 constitution put into place a mixed system of government, in which the executive, parliament, and judiciary are overseen by several bodies dominated by the clergy.

What is the latest news on Iran?

Iran’s currency has dropped to a new historic low again, breaking the 430,000 rial resistance point against the US dollar Wednesday, amid global political isolation and economic woes. In January 2022, world powers were in talks aiming to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. The year ends with the powers in dispute at the UN Security Council.

What is Iran known for?

Iran, a mountainous, arid, and ethnically diverse country of southwestern Asia. The country maintains a rich and distinctive cultural and social continuity dating back to the Achaemenian period, which began in 550 bce. In recent decades it has become known for its unique brand of Islamic republic.

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