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Where is Candy Montgomery now?

Due to her pleas of self-defense, Candy was acquitted of all of the charges brought against her. Where is Candy now? Following the dismissal of the charges brought against the assailant, Candy and her family supposedly moved to Georgia. Sometime during the reported move to Georgia, she and her husband Pat Montgomery reportedly got divorced.

What happened to Candy Montgomery after her divorce?

After the divorce, Candy dropped the name Montgomery and readopted her maiden name: Wheeler. Reports claim that Candy still lives in Georgia and is a family therapist alongside her daughter, Jenny. Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery in Hulu’s Candy .

Who is Candace Montgomery?

The show will tell the real-life story of Candace "Candy" Montgomery, a small-town Texas mom who murdered her best friend with an axe on a hot June day in 1980.

Where is Candy Wheeler now?

Candy and her husband, Pat, reportedly left Wylie and moved to Georgia. The two eventually divorced, according to outlets. Today, Candy is said to still live in the southern state where she now goes by her maiden name, Wheeler. It’s also believed that she now works as a mental health counselor or a therapist.

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