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The original barbershop is where The QG’s DNA was founded, with the premise of marrying the best of traditional techniques and nostalgia with the latest trends, style and technology.

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I love The QG and their Clock bar because of the great customer service. This is a place like a resort, it all inclusive. They provide haircuts, beard trims, massages, clothing including tailored suits, a cigar lounge with premium cigars and a bar with great staff.

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Everything about the QG experience is delightful and personally fulfilling. The only thing more impressive than the actual QG experience is the visible tenacity and hard work of its staff and management during these most unpredictable times.

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The staff is always welcoming and friendly! I've been going to the QG for a couple of years and am a frequent patron of the Clock Bar. Caitlin and Shalyn are both as friendly as they are skilled, providing carefully crafted cocktails and always ready to help you find the drink that suits your palate.

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