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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meteor client mod?

Meteor Client Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) comes with an extremely customizable GUI and HUD giving you a beautiful but functional interface to interact with as well as the powerful macros system which allows you to change almost anything about the client in the press of a key.

What is Meteor client in tlauncher?

Meteor Client in TLauncher 1.19.3 is simply everything you want to have. We will also need to download Fabric for this tutorial otherwise, it will not work the way it should. Let’s get right into this! There is only one way to install this and I will show you right now!

What is the meteor PvP server?

The Meteor PvP server is a 1.16 style combat server that features anchor, bed, and crystal PvP styles accessible to players on versions 1.14 and newer. This server also features a custom kit and duel plugin. The Nether and Overworld dimensions are also available as well as the numerous arenas in the said dimensions.

How to install Meteor in Minecraft?

Open your .minecraft folder and create a folder within it called mods if it does not exist already. Go to where you downloaded Meteor and drag the jar file into the mods folder. Open the Minecraft Launcher and select the Fabric profile. Thats it, just click Launch to start up Meteor. If you already have one of these installed, skip to step 2.

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