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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Meteora?

Meteora can be reached by car or KTEL bus, while a train station is also available to the nearby town of Kalambaka. Many organized tours from Athens or Thessaloniki will take you there as well. How to get there? Where to Eat & Drink? Book your trip in Meteora with Greeka!

Where is Meteora Greece?

Meteora is among the most impressive regions in Greece, with huge rocks in the middle of a valley. Located on the northern side of the country, the rocks of Meteora Greece are actually miracles of nature. Studies suggest that these rocks were formed 60 million years ago, when weathering and earthquakes gave them their present shape.

What is the significance of Meteora monasteries?

About Meteora – The Holy Meteora Monasteries Meteora monasteries – the miracle of Greece. Few kilometers northwest of the town of Kalabaka, the impressive rocks of Meteora are rising from the plains of Thessaly been one of the most amazing places in Greece.

Why is it called Meteora?

Meteora is defined by a series of large pillars of rock. While some stand entirely out on their own, other work with the ordinary hillside to form valleys, creating an unpredictable landscape. It’s these upright pillars of rock that give the area its name; Meteora roughly translates to “suspended in air”.

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