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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Meteora?

Map of Meteora, Greece | Greeka Meteora is a complex of enormous dark rocks rising over Kalambaka, near the heights of Pindos Mountain. The gorgeous monasteries built on the peaks of the rocks comprise the second most important monastic community in Greece, after Mount Athos, in Halkidiki.

How to get to Meteora from Athens?

Reaching Meteora by trainfrom Athens involves a slow regional trainto the town of Kalambaka. Kalambaka is the base town for most travelers as it is situated on the foot of the beautiful Meteora rocks. There is a direct train from Athens once a day which makes the journey in less than 5 hours.

Is Meteora worth visiting?

Meteora is one of Greece's great treasures, and certainly if you walk the footpaths between them you'll be taking one of the world's most spectacular walks. The scenery here is weirdly awesome, and it's difficult to imagine how much desire to escape persecution there had to be to build Meteora's almost inaccessible monasteries.

Is Meteora mentioned in Greek mythology?

Meteora are not mentioned in classical Greek myths nor in Ancient Greek literature. The first people documented to inhabit Meteora after the Neolithic Era were an ascetic group of hermit monks who, in the ninth century AD, moved up to the ancient pinnacles.

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