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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meteora a monastery?

Though it does not sit quite as precariously as the other monasteries, it’s stone ribbon of stairs and countless buildings make it seem more like a fortified village than a monastery. Inside this 14th century monastery, you’re treated not only to views of Meteora, but also gilded frescos of saints and a museum on Meteora’s history.

How much does it cost to visit Meteoron monastery?

Contact Number +30 24320 22278, Email: [email protected] Entrance ticket: 3 euros per person. Kids up to 12 years old don’t pay entrance fees Greek Local Wine Tip: The Great Meteoron Monastery has a 25-acre vineyard and produces 4 different Greek varieties of excellent wine.

Is Meteora the best place to visit in Greece?

To many, a trip to Greece is all about the ancient city of Athensand the countless beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. But, shift your gaze to central Greece and you find one of the country’s most spellbinding destinations, Meteora.

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