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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Inferi good for?

As a warrior or guardian with no regard for its own safety, however, it had many uses. Due to their status as being unfeeling dead, the Inferi were immune to bodily damages such as slashing, and had great physical strength, enough to kill a human or drag them away.

What do the Inferi look like?

The Inferi are gaunt, skeletal beings that closely resemble zombies. Being human corpses, they have individual appearances based on the humans they were created from. For example, one Inferius may have dull teeth, while another may have sharp teeth.

What kind of person is nfirea?

Nfirea is a young boy with short, bowl-cut blonde hair that covers half his face. He is dressed in ragged work clothes from the potion making workshop. Nfirea is described as a nice, calm, and timid person. He works hard at making potions with his grandmother every day.

What is the meaning of inferius?

Inferius is a tampered form of the Latin word for "underneath; below", Inferus, but with an obvious connotation of being 'lesser' than a living human. Meanwhile, Inferi means "the dead; underworld".

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