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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pepsi and Coca Cola the same thing?

Coke vs Pepsi. Coke and Pepsi are carbonated soft drinks, which we commonly drink almost daily. Both are the popular black soft drinks, having almost same ingredients. People differentiate them by their packaging and taste, however, both provide same count of calories.

What are the objectives of Pepsi?

PepsiCo has the objective of protecting water supplies. The company argues that water is essential to the production of their products, as well as, helping to meet the food and resources needs of the world.

How does Pepsi compare to Coke?

Pepsi also uses sweeteners, making it the much sweeter beverage. As far as caffeine goes, a can of Pepsi contains 38mg of it, whereas Coke has 34mg. But enough about drink recipes and cans of soda do Coke and Pepsi, as companies, compare to one another.

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