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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best remedy for Itchy Poison Ivy?

The best treatments for poison ivy usually include some combination of: Cold, wet compresses with aluminum subacetate (modified Burow's solution) that can be applied to itchy areas of your child's skin for 15 to 30 minutes a few times each day. Cool or lukewarm colloidal oatmeal baths.

Why does Poison Ivy make you Itchy?

As summer approaches and the landscape turns greener, so too are the leaves from poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. When the oil from these plants touches the skin, most people (about 85 percent) develop an itchy, blistering rash.

What is the best over the counter medicine for Poison Ivy?

For itchiness, apply Calamine lotion, baking soda, or colloidal oatmeal to your skin. And for an oozing rash, give aluminum acetate a try. You can also get relief from a steroid cream if you use it during the first few days after you get a rash.

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