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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite Rolex Day-date 40 Dial?

The author’s favorite Rolex Day-Date 40 dial is this quadrant design, here in platinum with blue dial and white gold with silvery dial

Did you see Rolex's new look at Baselworld 2015?

Lucky for me, then, at Baselworld 2015 Rolex launched a new look for one of its models that, for the first time, I appreciate for itself instead of comparing it negatively against my past. That watch is the Rolex Day-Date 40.

What do you think of Rolex's departure from the norm?

The departure of the dials from the norm is rather subtle, but when taken in the Rolex context of style and history, it stands out as a design bullet point. More of this definitely needs to follow and I will find more and more pieces that I can get behind wholeheartedly. 2.

Is Rolex shaking things up from its market position?

Looking at what Rolex has done over the past fifty years and considering the new designs and styles that have started to slowly come out recently, it becomes clear that the brand is shaking things up as much as it can from its market position.

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