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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a preowned Rolex in Las Vegas?

From Crystals at CityCenter to The Forum Shops at Caesars, you can be sure that you’ll find everything from amazing outfits to awe-inspiring gifts – but if you want a preowned Rolex at a great price, you need to visit Las Vegas’ biggest secret, instead.

Where to buy limited edition watches in Las Vegas?

Tourneau is one of those places you need to be a previous customer for if you're looking for limited edition watches. For us, we previously worked with Ryan (who is no longer with Tourneau Las Vegas). My friend purchased a few high end Rolex watches with Ryan.

Why sell your Rolex with Bob's watches?

If you’ve got a Rolex to sell, you can be sure Bob’s Watches will offer a fair price and excellent service. If you are browsing for a Rolex, we can offer hassle-free buying, style advice and plenty of styles that will appeal to everyone.

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