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Frequently Asked Questions

Should Rolex re-introduce the Rolex GMT coke for 2022?

Adding the new 2022 release of the Rolex GMT Coke would honestly light the watch community on fire and most likely generate 3-4 year wait lists. If Rolex was wanting to give the people what they crave, re-introducing the Rolex GMT Coke for 2022 would be the best idea. 6.

Does Rolex sell stainless steel watches at AD?

Even though it’s hard to find stainless steel sports models in a case at an AD, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t selling a ton of them. Rolex is known for taking their time and making small incremental changes over time to address larger issues.

Why is the Rolex op so hard to get?

There is one major reason why the OP is now one of the hardest watches to get and it should be obvious. The OP is the least expensive watch that Rolex makes. Why make less expensive watches than higher valued ones if at the end of the day you’re going to sell them all anyway.

Which Rolex watches haven’t been upgraded to the new calibers?

There are two collections that still haven’t been upgraded to the new in house calibres and they are the Air King and the Milgauss. Both are more under the radar watches from Rolex but still very nice watches.

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