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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rolex still make the Pepsi or coke bezel?

The very first GMT-Master from 1955 sported the blue and red bezel while the very first GMT-Master II from the 1980s featured the red and black bezel. Today, Rolex still makes the “Pepsi” bezel variant but not the “Coke” one (for the time being).

Is the Rolex GMT-Master 16700 a coke or Pepsi?

Today, Rolex still makes the “Pepsi” bezel variant but not the “Coke” one (for the time being). In honor of these popular GMT-Master bezels, we’re comparing the GMT-Master 16700 vs. GMT-Master II 16710. Join us as we do a comparison review of a GMT-Master “Pepsi” and a GMT-Master II “Coke” to outline the differences and similarities.

What kind of Watch is the Rolex 16710 Coke?

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 Coke The stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 16710 was launched in 1989 as the second generation of the GMT-Master II model following the inaugural 16760. The watch featured a 40mm steel Oyster case with the option of a Pepsi bezel, black bezel, or Coke bezel, as seen here.

How much does a Rolex Pepsi watch cost?

The Rolex Pepsi series has a much longer history and, thus, offers a wide range of interesting vintage watches with aluminum bezels. One example, the ref. 16750, costs between 14,000 and 17,500 USD, depending on its condition. Rolex began outfitting Pepsi GMT-Master II watches with Cerachrom bezels in 2007.

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