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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rolex make a Pepsi watch?

For decades, the GMT-Master Pepsi was only available in stainless steel and saw only minor design changes. In 2014, Rolex launched the first white gold model with a ceramic Pepsi bezel. Like every GMT-Master, Pepsi models enjoy widespread popularity and are highly coveted among fans and collectors.

Which Rolex model is an homage to another Rolex icon?

We included this brand on our Homage vs Replica watch article, featuring the Steinhart Ocean 1, which is a popular homage to another Rolex icon—the Submariner. This model with a Pepsi bezel another homage watch to the Rolex GMT.

Is the Rolex GMT MASTER II Pepsi Red and blue?

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Red and Blue Bezel Steel Mens Watch... ... The Rolex GMT-Master with a red and blue bezel also goes by the nickname "Pepsi." This striking tool watch has a second time zone and is one of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer's most popular models.

What does the Pepsi watch look like?

The Pepsi bezel is split in a 50/50 configuration, reminding us of the classic Rolex GMT. You also get a black dial, like the original Rolex, which has a unidirectional bezel with a 60 click mechanism. The rhodium plated hour marks are built to last for a long time without tarnishing, and they contrast in a magnificent manner with the dark dial.

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