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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate a serial number?

You can enter your codes within the WP admin area in the serial code section (a new menu point in the wordpress amdin area). You can add your own codes manually using the serial code generator or import existing codes. The codes can also be generated by the plugin. The serial code generator can create a bulk of serials or numbers as codes.

What are some benefits of using a Serial Number Generator?

Shop: With Serial Code Generator your will be able to sell license keys, event tickets, and products with a serial number or activation key. The plugin can create the code on the fly or use unused serials from your code list for each sold item. Validation of serials: You customer can validate a serial on your page.

What is a Serial Number Generator?

A serial number generator is a software utility for assigning serial numbers to software license keys, security codes, or any other series of numbers you may need. Designate a unique serial number for each of your items with a free, online Serial Number Generator!

What is a serial number used for?

Serial numbers are a tool used to uniquely identify products or assets. They are sometimes referred to as SN, S/N, or Serial Number. A serial number is a unique identifier that can be traced back to the manufacturer and item registration date.

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