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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some features of the Stats Discord Bot?

A Discord server stats bot will usually place a small widget inside the channel list of the server. Depending on the exact features of the bot, it will allow you to display a wide-ranging of different metrics. Technically, there is no limit to what such a server stats bot can display.

What are some of the best Discord bots for tracking statistics?

Statbot is the best statistics and analytics Discord bot for your Discord community. It is an absolute must-have for any server that is serious about its growth and community. Read More... Why Statbot? "Make better decisions."

What is the purpose of a Discord Bot?

It's a Discord bot whose primary purpose is to display statistics about a guild, or the members of that guild. This information can range from how many members a guild has over time, to how active certain channels are, to who are the most active guild members.

What is ServerStats Bot ?

What is a Server Stats Bot? A server stats bot places a widget inside the channel list of your Discord server that can display numerous statistics about your community and its members’ activity. Infographic explaining what a server stats bot is and does.

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