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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add stickers on Discord?

Now, open Discord using either your browser or Discord desktop app – at the moment, you’re not able to add stickers using the Discord mobile app. Go to a Level 1 server where you have permission to add emojis and enter your server settings. Here, select Stickers directly below Emoji and click Upload Sticker.

What are discdiscord stickers?

Discord Stickers are yet another way to participate in Discord channels and conversations, providing hundreds of unique character-based, transparent assets, both animated and still. They come in 12 built-in sticker packs for Nitro users only, each with a different animated character, from Discord’s own Wumpus mascot to a melting chihuahua.

Can you get free stickers on Discord Nitro?

Users with access to stickers could purchase sticker packs inside of the sticker shop, with a few packs free for Nitro users. On May 15, 2021, Discord announced that they would be removing the sticker shop, making stickers Nitro exclusive, and allowing servers to upload custom stickers with server boosts.

What are discord boosted servers?

In 2021, Discord has given boosted servers the ability to add custom server banners, server invite backgrounds, and most recently, 300 Stickers became available to all Nitro users and custom Stickers became available to all servers boosted to Level 1.

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