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Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct hire USAJobs?

A direct hire refers to a situation where a company who intends to hire a candidate offers them the job directly. Companies may utilize the services of an employment agency to find the right candidate for a vacancy, but in a situation where a direct hire occurs, the company that is going to employ the candidate is the one that actually hires them.

What are the best jobs in the US?

These are the 20 best jobs in America in 2020, according to a new ranking-and they're hiring Front-end engineer. Job satisfaction rating: 3.9 Like this story? ... Java developer. Job satisfaction rating: 3.9 Data scientist. Job satisfaction rating: 4.0 Product manager. Job satisfaction rating: 3.8 Devops engineer. Job satisfaction rating: 3.9 Data engineer. ... Software engineer. ... Speech language pathologist. ... Strategy manager. ... Business development manager. ... More items...

How to use advanced search in USAJobs? and click on the Advanced Search link, under the Where: textbox. (OR select Advanced Search from the Search Jobs menu bar at the top of the screen.) You are now able to select your desired search criteria. The most commonly used search criteriaare shown at the top of this page.

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