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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use advanced search in USAJobs? and click on the Advanced Search link, under the Where: textbox. (OR select Advanced Search from the Search Jobs menu bar at the top of the screen.) You are now able to select your desired search criteria. The most commonly used search criteriaare shown at the top of this page.

What jobs are considered federal?

Between the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the federal government, the opportunities for employment are vast. Politicians and legislative staff, civil servants and members of the armed forces are all considered federal employees.

What are the best careers in the USA?

The best careers are mainly in the healthcare and technology fields. In fact, the top 10 careers are all in these two fields. Dentist, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physician, Physical Therapist, Dental Hygienist for healthcare and Systems Analyst, Database Admin, and Software Developer and Web Developer for technology.

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