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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conjugation of visitar?

Conjugation of visitar. infinitive. visitar. participle. present. perfect. visitante. visitate. active.

Where does the word visitar come from in Portuguese?

From Old Portuguese visitar, from Latin vīsitāre, present active infinitive of vīsitō (“I see, I visit”) . This is a regular verb of the -ar group. Verbs with this conjugation include: amar, cantar, gritar, marchar, mostrar, nadar, parar, participar, retirar, separar, viajar. “ visitar ” in Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa.

What is the verb for visit?

transitive verb (gen) to visit; (brevemente) to call on fuimos a visitar a mis tíos we went to visit my aunt and uncle; 5.000 personas han visitado ya la exposición 5,000 people have already visited the exhibition

What does El Cirujano visitó al paciente mean?

El cirujano visitó al paciente el día después de la operación.The surgeon visited the patient the day after the surgery. Estamos planeando visitar Bruselas el año que viene.We are planning to visit Brussels next year. Learn more with unlimited dictionary access.

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