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What do we know about candy Montgomery?

Here’s what we know about Candy Montgomery, the crime of which she was accused, and where she is today. Related: All the Buzz About Yellowjackets Season 2, Including Just How Soon Filming May Start Again! Who is Candy Montgomery? In 1980, Candace “Candy” Montgomery was a 30-year-old housewife living in Wylie, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

Who was Betty Gore's best friend Candy Montgomery?

In June 1980, Candace Montgomery struck her best friend Betty Gore with a three-foot axe 41 times after having an affair with Gore’s husband — and got off scot-free. Suburban housewife Candy Montgomery of Collin County, Texas seemed to have it all: a loving husband, children, and a best friend named Betty Gore.

Who is Candace Montgomery?

Collin County Sheriff Jerry Burton prior to the arrival of Candace (Candy) Montgomery, who surrendered on June 26, 1980 Special Collections, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, UTA Libraries Candace (Candy) Montgomery, left, on the way to court for a hearing on Montgomery’s trial date, Aug. 27, 1980.

Who was Pat Montgomery's wife Candy Wheeler?

Pat Montgomery was an electrical engineer who worked for Texas Instruments. He was paid an annual salary of $70,000 (roughly $332,000 in 2022) to work on intricate military radar systems. He met his wife, then Candy Wheeler, at work where she was employed as a secretary. They married in the early 1970s and had two children, a boy and a girl.

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